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Elephant in the 'Shroom Sea Salt
  • Elephant in the 'Shroom Sea Salt


    A Blue Sky Fungi® original flavor! We grow the elephant garlic and the Shiitake mushrooms! Then we slowly transform it into black elephant garlic.


    Savory roasted Shiitakes and black elephant garlic are infused together in Flor Blanca Sea Salt for a delicious culinary delight. Sprinkle on Everything! 


    We use Flor Blanca Sea Salt, a Hand-harvested sea salt from the traditional salt farms, or salinas, along the coast of tropical Manzanillo, Mexico. Flor Blanca is comprised of the choice crystals that form on the surface of the salt ponds. Solar-evaporated sea salt like Flor Blanca is a staple ingredient for fine foods.


    1.7 oz (48g)  Resealable Glass Jars

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