Elephant Garlic & Rosemary Sea Salt
  • Elephant Garlic & Rosemary Sea Salt


    Elephant Garlic and Rosemary come together in a perfect pairing. Delicious with all forms of potato, mushrooms and grilled foods. One of our Favorites!


    Made with  organically grown Elephant Garlic here in Oregon and freeze dried rosemary from our farm in a base of Flor Blanca sea salt. Perfection!


    We use Flor Blanca Sea Salt, a Hand-harvested sea salt from the traditional salt farms, or salinas, along the coast of tropical Manzanillo, Mexico. Flor Blanca is comprised of the choice crystals that form on the surface of the salt ponds. Solar-evaporated sea salt like Flor Blanca is a staple ingredient for fine foods.


    2 oz (56g)  Resealable Bag