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About Blue Sky Fungi

Blue Sky Fungi is a small mushroom farm in the foothills of the Cascades.

Our goal is to grow and provide people with a local source for gourmet mushrooms and mycelium.

We here at Blue Sky Fungi do it all! Starting from making our own agar for the  petri dish, all the way to fully colonized blocks of mycelium and the mushrooms they grow.

We use sustainably harvested hardwoods and aim to use agricultural "waste" when possible. 

Matt is a geological engineer, skydiving instructor and our main laboratory man.

He built our laminar flow hood, the lab and is our substrate mix master.

Nicole is a massage therapist with a long history of working with foods and botanicals.

She is our master of intangibles, marketing and the farmers market booth.


Together we are making it happen! We are busy, grateful and love the life we live.


We are dedicated to exploring all the possibilities of this fungal kingdom and are producing all kinds of delicious fungi, foods and wellness promoting elixirs along the way.

 Integrity in business, our products and life in general is our ethos. 


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